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Work in Progress

  1. How Opposition Movements Use Legislative Powers in Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from the Arab World (With Scott Williamson).​ Under Advance Contract with Cambridge University Press, Elements in Middle East Politics.

 2.  Authoritarian Legislatures and Anti-Regime Mobilization: Evidence from Algeria's Hirak Uprising.  (with Jérémie Langlois).       Invited to a special issue in World Development

​ 3. Gender Quota Policies and Citizens’ Evaluations of Female Politicians.  (With Carolyn Barnett and Alexandra Blackman).

Under Review 

 4. Perceived Social Norms and Women's Electability in Autocracies. (With Alexandra Blackman and Carolyn Barnett). 

 5. ​Elite Networks in Autocratic Legislatures. (with Romain Ferrali)​.

 6. The Supply and Success of Female Candidates in Turkish Local Politics: Party Ideology, Institutional Mechanisms or Both?       (With Melissa Marschall).

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